Molly Jebber

PRAYING ABOUT THE SMALL THINGS  – The donut and webcam story!


I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart at five years old.  I learned early on that Jesus Christ may not say yes to everything we ask, but he cares about all our requests. And thank goodness, He doesn’t always say yes, because the Lord knows what’s best for me when I don’t.

I was a keynote speaker for the Southern California Christian Authors Conference last month, and due to the virus, it was done virtually. My webcam on my computer went out the day before the conference. Wearing my mask, I went to six stores, and they were all sold out of webcams. Sales personnel said with everyone working at home, they couldn’t keep webcams in stock. I went to Walmart, which would be my last hope, thinking they’d be the first store people would go for everything. I sat in my car in the parking lot before going inside and prayed they’d have a webcam.

I went to the Electronics Department, and a tall lanky man with his Walmart badge stood over the counter with a donut in his hand. “Want a bite of my donut?” I laughed and said no, but I said I would sure like a webcam.

He threw his donut down, waved his arms, and told me to follow him to the camera area. I was stressed at the other stores, but now I’m laughing and hurrying behind him.

He lifts off a small box and smiles. He told me I got the best webcam.

It was easy to install and worked great. I thanked the Lord for not only for providing the webcam, but for making me laugh.

From the biggest to the smallest care we have, Jesus Christ wants to know about all of them. He knows the number of hairs on our head. He cares about every big and little thing in our lives. He’s our best friend, and He loves us.