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Is there a woman out there who isn’t a romantic? I cannot imagine her.

Do you know that song Maria sings in WESTSIDE STORY? “I enjoy being a girl!” I wasn’t always frill and lace, skirts (no britches), and long hair! As a girl, I rode horses with the neighborhood kids, wore my hair bobbed, and got into plenty of corncob fights!

But now, in my elder years, I hope to exude femininity as a worthy example to younger women everywhere I go. A helpless romantic, I confess to being hopelessly in love with my husband and my co-writer, Ron. What a man! I love him more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow!

We met at sixteen, engaged at seventeen, and married at eighteen—all in June. The following June we had our firstborn son, and life was on! I remember a card Ron sent me—he sent them frequently, but randomly, a couple of times a week—but its message was “I want be 80 with you.”

Wow did that seem forever away back then when we were in our early twenties! Now the big-EIGHT-0 is only eight years away. Wow and praise the Lord! We have we come a long way, my love and I . . . with joys and sorrows, hurts and healings, adventures and quiet times.

Of course, as in everything I do or accomplish—including my relationships—all the glory for the excellent relationship Ron and I enjoy goes directly to God! I’m very blessed to have a husband who certainly loves God as much as I do!
Why wouldn’t romance come natural for a Christian?

The Holy One I worship and adore IS love. GOD IS LOVE, and that’s my first really terrific reason to love writing romance stories, creating characters in different situations looking for love. Ron and I help them find it!

The second reason I love to write Historical Romance is being able to weave the Godly principles and lessons I’ve learned along my walk with Him—sixty-three years now—so readers benefit and become closer to Him. Through my relationship with our Father, I’ve come to trust Him completely.

Trusting God ends all worry and fear right off the bat, and I guarantee you, He is altogether trustworthy! So, two of my biggest messages in my books are no fear and no worry, very important lessons for they bring that precious peace of His that passes all understanding! 😊

I like to bring out the importance of what we say through my characters—the words we speak. I love it that Almighty God says He creates the fruit of our lips!

I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the Lord; and I will heal him. Isaiah 57:19

The things we say will come to pass! I’ve proven this in saying “I’m blessed and highly favored” every time someone asks how I am. Many times, it’d be a lie to say, “Oh, I’m good” (Plus Jesus said, ‘Don’t call me good. Only My Father is good.’) or “I’m just fine.” Holy Spirit helped me figure out what is ALWAYS Truth!

As I have spoken—only He knows how many times over the past thirty or forty years—I’m blessed and highly favored! God has truly created that fruit in my life. He gives us brand new houses and cars or a little 1940s farmhouse to rent instead of a having to live in a tent—what a blessing that was!

Whatever my lot, I have learned to say, I’m blessed and highly favored! To put it another way, it is well with my soul!

Chickens, goats, roosters (I know! They’re just boy chickens 😊 ), a husband who kisses me every morning and every night and hugs me and tells me he loves me many times a day! —This could be the longest paragraph in the history of paragraphs if I start sharing all my blessings!—

I love being an older lady teaching those younger how God wants us to live through the characters I create and their stories. I’m able to pass along little pearls of how to live a Christian life to its fullest.

Third Reason: Have you ever thought about the fact that historical stories never get outdated! When an author writes a contemporary story and includes anything of ‘the time’—what people are doing, using, saying (phones, television, computers, internet games), their words may be outdated by the time they are published! My stories are always pertinent in the face of history.

My history teacher, Mister Aubrey Morris, at MacArthur High in Irving Texas, would be so proud of me if her were still on the earth. He’d be so surprised to hear me say how very much I love history and how I research almost daily digging for tidbits of wonderful, interesting history that truly make the stories so much more fun to read!

And I’ve learned so much! Researching and Learning join together to make my FOURTH reason I love to write historical fiction!

Being that I love old fashioned morals that please God, historicals give me an opportunity to live for a while in those sweet times when women were treasured and courted. A time when good men loved and cared for his wife and children. Back when people actually got married before having babies.

To be sure, bad choices were made in the moment back then, too, but sin was sin and not okay.

In the 1800s, women dressed modestly in loose clothing that covered cleavage and disguised private places with long, full skirts—even their ankles. No young lady of honor would be caught alone with a male before marriage, and many first kisses waited for a promise if not actual vows.

It was a awesome era when neighbors gathered to visit and helped one another build barns and plant crops. When I write of these days, I get to live there a while! And this is my fifth reason for loving to write historical fiction!

My latest historical fiction is a covered wagon story in the Prairie Roses Collection JO who learns about forgiveness and curses, and my next one launching September 5th is TEXAS WILDFLOWERS in the Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection and also book eight in my Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga! I hope you’ll check them out! I’m certain you’ll enjoy both!

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