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I’ll admit it. They can be overwhelming. When you consider that some multi-author collections can have as many as twenty books in them, all the words can spark panic. Which one to read first?  Start with a new-to-me author or go for a tried and true? Will I like reading three, five, fifteen books on a similar theme?

These are legitimate questions, folks. I get you. Still, I love them and I thought I’d give you…

My Top 3 Reasons I Think Multi-Author Collections are Awesome

The first is kind of obvious, but sometimes it’s underrated. They tend to be inexpensive. This plays into other reasons I’ll get to later, but let’s face it. When you get half a dozen or more books for a dollar, that’s nothing to sneeze at.  It’s even better when you can read that entire collection of twelve amazing books for so-called FREE while giving the author(s) more than a few pennies a piece (that’s not an exaggeration there) because you read it through Kindle Unlimited… what’s there not to love?

Just a quick explanation about that.  You see, unlike the $0.35 that all authors will have to split between them for a $0.99 book, Kindle Unlimited pays authors by the page. This means that if you read every page in a several-hundred-page collection, those authors are easily splitting five dollars.  That’s a significant difference!

This leads into the next reason I personally love them (and possibly my biggest!). They’re not just inexpensive, but they’re a crazy inexpensive way to try out new authors you’ve never heard of or maybe weren’t sure about. While “box sets” like this do try to mix up the styles and content of the various authors, they are trying to ensure that Ima B. Author’s readers will also like the books by Penny Dreadless’ readers. So, if you like Ima, you’re probably going to enjoy Penny—and vice versa.

And my third top reason for loving multi-author collections?

(Because I have a million others, of course)!  Well, that would be when the collections revolve around a theme. While there is a legitimate argument about becoming saturated with one theme or idea, as I mentioned before, choosing the right box set is usually a cure for that. I’ve been in sets where authors combined their favorite romance novel (already published) into one set that could be sold for a limited time for $0.99.  It was a great way to try out different authors’ romance levels.

Other sets like the CrossRoads Collections all have one kind of incident kicking off all the stories and the final book in the set ties all those together. What is so unique about these sets is that each of those books stands completely alone.  Even the last one!  However, that last book cannot have the elements taken from the other books removed from its story, or there is no story. It’s that intertwined!

And of course, the theme of all themes… CHRISTMAS!  Every year, more and more Christmas sets come out starting in September and October.  For a few months, these sets flood the Kindle market, and readers can binge so hard that Hallmark doesn’t have a chance to compete!  The trouble isn’t finding a set but in choosing which one to open next!

I’m a part of quite a few collections.  For authors, it’s a heap of fun too!

I hope you’ll check out FIVE that I am really excited about.

  • The CrossRoads Collections—there are six sets available on Kindle! From floral fiascos to a nationwide Christmas storm, to misdelivered mail… we’ve got you covered (and a new one coming soon!)
  • Save the Date—twelve wedding and wedding dress inspired novellas from twelve of your favorite authors. One a month for a year’s worth of wedding-marching!  Releases September 14, 2021. You can preorder now for just… yep!  $0.99.  (And get a few extra free books from the authors by filling out this form HERE).
  • The Independence Islands: Merriweather—I’m so excited about this! The first SIX of the Independence Islands series, all the books featuring the first island, Merriweather, are now available in one, convenient box set on Kindle.  Read with your Unlimited subscription or buy at a great discount!
  • The Christmas Lights Collections—Each year Cathe Swanson, Toni Shiloh, and I have combined to bring a slightly smaller Christmas collection. Most years, a different fourth author has joined us, although we’re pleased to announce that this year, Jaycee Weaver is back for a second round with us! This collection kicked off a couple of authors’ careers, and we’re very proud of it.
  • Song of Grace—from eight of the Mosaic Collection authors, this collection features stories and novellas inspired by lines from that beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace.” A prequel to my upcoming Mosaic Collection series, Bookstrings, is in this collection. I hope you’ll love Milton Coleridge and his sassy bird, Atticus, as they try to save a bookstore from dying in the desert heat in Spines & Leaves.

I hope you’ll give one of these collections a try, and I really hope you love them as much as I do!

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