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Did You Know Authors Speak a Different Kind of Language?

Confession. Some authors (and probably linguists) will disagree with me, but hear me out. See, language is the means of communication, right?  We use discernible sounds or gestures to indicate what we mean. Some of those languages are written (as in English, French, or Latin).

However, authors speak both in traditional words and in nuances—in subtext.  In diction, style, and syntax. Most authors have a unique “voice” that defines them—another kind of “language,” so to speak.  Perhaps it’s terse and succinct, as Earnest Hemingway can be.  It might be more lyrical as say, Ann Voskamp.  Crass and creepy like Stephen King.  My natural voice is most like Cassie’s, my character from The Vintage Wren.

But did you know there is a website that you can plug your writing into and see what famous author’s sentence structure, syntax, diction, etc. your writing is most like? I’ve done this several times over the years with different books.  I often come up with different authors depending on the book excerpts I choose to analyze.

I’m not familiar with her work, but I Write Like claims my The Vintage Wren reads like Ann Rice. I hope she’s an entertaining writer!

Next up, I had to test out the book I’m almost done with.  I’d just had a big scene that I had to test out.  #becausereasons. The result?  Couldn’t be more pleased.  It fits both the scene and happens to compare my writing to one of my literary heroes.  It said that I write like Agatha Christie.

I’ll take that—even if it is because I plugged in a villain unmasking scene that fits Christie’s most well-known genre… mystery!

And what book is this one from?  Flipping Hearts.  This is my third Independence Islands book—the first on Hooper Island. In this book, a home and garden TV series comes to help the islands clean up after a hurricane and… um… well, there’s more to it than that.

The book available to preorder, and maybe in its pages you can tell me how I speak the languages of Rice, Christie, and… (From Bookers on the Rocks) Stephen King!

I’m so confused about that one.

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