August 2022 Featured Article

Are you screaming for ice cream? I am! And I’m not only screaming, I’m churning up a storm! Because I’m writing a cozy mystery series featuring Trinidad Jones, ice cream parlor owner and amateur sleuth, I have spent the summer trying out recipes. The fly in the ice cream? It’s going to be a Christmas book. Hence, I made hot chocolate ice cream in June, followed by gingerbread ice cream in July. We won’t even mention the hot cocoa bombs that came out of my kitchen on one of the hottest days of summer. Such is the life of a hard scooping writer! Since I can’t seem to think about anything else except ice cream these days, here are some fun facts about everyone’s favorite dessert!



It takes 12 pounds of milk to produce 1 gallon of ice cream.


The average number of licks to finish a scoop of ice cream is 50. (I have not tested this.)


Vanilla is the most popular flavor. (What’s yours?)


The majority of Americans have ice cream in their freezers. (Guilty!)


Ice cream headaches or “brain freeze” is the result of the nerve endings in the roof of your mouth sending a message to your brain.(Owwwwwwwww! My mouth is shouting, “Slow down already!”)


The average American eats 45.8 pints of ice cream a year. (I will not disclose my own personal stats on this issue.)


All right! So now that you’re filled up with facts, it’s time to churn your way to the freezer and fetch yourself a scoop!

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