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We are so excited to share with you the books that released in April, 2024 that we thought we were amazing. Enjoy!


Mayhem & Moonlight

Author: Jennifer Sienes

Genre: Christian Southern Fiction

Release Date: April 9, 2024



Left at the altar holding the bill, a boatload of college debt, and piddly librarian salary has her praying for a miracle.

Lillian Murphy takes her life verse from a book title—A Series of Unfortunate Events. Could be it was on account of her jumping into things without first dipping a toe in to test the waters that landed her in such a position. A cozy, cardboard box would suit her just fine if she could find a way to heat it, but she’s hoping the good Lord will do some better. She’s done dreaming of happily-ever-after – She’d settle for just debt- and drama-free.

Luca Giordano knows the minute he lands in Shelbyville, Tennessee with his three young boys that he’s in over his head. Leaving the pain of his past behind, he’d also left his parents—and they’d done the heavy lifting. All his charts, graphs, and scheduling expertise isn’t enough. What kind of a productivity expert is he if he can’t be…productive? What he needs is a part-time Mary Poppins to swoop in and fill in for his gargantuan gaps—and Librarian Lillian seems the perfect solution.

But when Luca’s past converges with the present—and Lillian’s the catalyst—everything he loves most is at risk. How will a free spirit and fusspot find a way to happy ending?


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Tangled Secrets

Author: S.F. Baumgartner

Genre: Christian Suspense/Thriller

Release Date: April 29, 2024


Two women. One targeted by an unknown enemy. One accused of murder. Will they overcome their obstacles?

Twenty-five-year-old schoolteacher Grace Benson lives a quiet life until she receives a threatening note. But when the FBI becomes involved, her world really turns upside down.
Middle-aged wedding planner Sheila Mitchell suspects her husband’s up to something, but she never expects to find him dead—and be knocked unconscious near his corpse. When she comes to, the murder weapon in her hand.

Will Grace survive? And will Sheila’s ex-husband, an FBI agent, clear her name? Who is targeting these women?


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Trust Fall

Author: Chautona Havig

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 30, 2024


Protecting her without her knowledge might get them both killed.

Grief has held Eve “Kensi” Kensington captive long enough. Determined to move on after the death of her fiancé six years ago, Kensi moves to St. Alyn to help Ezra with the new boat book business. That there’s a great therapist on the island is just a bonus.

When the West Coast Agency learns that the former fiancée of a deceased informant is under the radar, Simon Garver is tasked to protect her—without her knowledge, if possible. Great. Listening in on her therapy sessions might be the worst thing he’s ever had to do as an agent.

Nope… scrap that. Falling for his client takes the cake.

When Kensi learns Simon has been keeping secrets from her, she’s done. Too bad the arrival of a guy sent to “take care of her” means she needs him. She’ll cooperate until she’s safe, toss the trust exercises her therapist has insisted on in the trash, and get back to her job on Ezra’s boat.

If only her heart would listen to the plan…

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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Secrets of the Wildflowers

Author: Sarah Talbert

Genre: Christian Biblical Fiction

 Release Date: April 30, 2024


In the heart of ancient Ur, Secrets of the Wildflowers unfolds the captivating tale of Miu, a spirited young woman determined to bloom amid the constraints of her culture, family, and the ancient deities that hold sway.

When tragedy strikes, and her beloved brother becomes a sacrifice to the gods, Miu embarks on a courageous journey to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and unearth her true purpose. Motivated by the resilient wildflowers that grow wherever they please, Miu is driven to forge her own path and make her name great.

As Miu navigates running her own tavern, friendship with an unlikely courier, and supporting an abandoned child, she finds herself crossing paths with Abram, a figure of significance from the Bible. After losing and redefining freedom, Miu discovers that true freedom is found in working together with others and utilizing her God-given skills within a relationship with a loving God.

In a world where Miu’s determination clashes with a strong religious culture, the story explores themes of true freedom, faith, and the transformative power of a healthy community. Secrets of the Wildflowers is a mesmerizing journey through the ancient city of Ur, where the seeds of rebellion sprout alongside the wildflowers, and the roots of faith run deep.

Secrets of the Wildflowers appeals to readers who crave a story of adventure, strong female leads, and characters evolving in their faith.



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Adult-O-Nomics: How To Nail it On Your Own

Author: Tez Brooks

Genre: Christian Counseling

 Release Date: April 30, 2024


“Meaty advice from people who have pioneered the path. Here’s to successful adulting!”
Nicky Cruz,
Author of the international bestseller Run Baby Run

Moving out and making your way in life can be hard. Often, this is caused by underestimating how many curveballs life throws. But you know there’s nothing more rewarding than making it on your own. Mom and Dad couldn’t teach you everything. Your peers can’t offer the wisdom of experience. Even mentors don’t often know what you need guidance for. You need preventive counsel, information obtained before a crisis hits. Well, you found it! Within these pages is experience and know-how collected from famous personalities and others who’ve forged the path from different ages and walks of life. This mix of tried and true wisdom (adapted from God’s Word) and modern advice from contemporaries will place you ahead of the curve as you increase in know-how and understanding for more effective adulting.

Adult-o-Nomics is a gift book to yourself or others. It’s a collection of 500 short quotes, scriptures, and suggestions for those leaving home for the first time. Topics cover everything from practical housekeeping, automotive maintenance, and career advice, to romance and spiritual living. Adult-o-Nomics will help you:

  • Discover practical tips for becoming independent.
  • Handle setbacks with know-how, confidence and courage.
  • Understand more effective life skills.
  • Learn how to walk closer to God.

Get ready to be inspired, step out and take risks, and produce a growing dependence on God rather than others, experiencing more peace in your daily life.


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