Jennifer Beckstrand

His Amish Sweetheart is coming June 28, and you are going to love it!

The Petersheim house is getting too crowded for nine-year-old twins Alfie and Benji. As if things weren’t bad enough with three older brothers hogging all the bacon at breakfast and using more than their fair share of toilet paper, Mammi and Dawdi Petersheim have moved in because of Dawdi’s stroke. If Alfie and Benji have any hope of getting their own bedrooms, they have to get rid of their annoying brothers, and the only way to convince their brothers to move out is to make each of them fall in love. What could be so hard about that?

His Amish Sweetheart is the third book in the Petersheim Brothers series.  

Alfie and Benji are determined to find Austin a wife, but Austin is their least-favorite brother and they don’t think they can convince a girl to fall in love with him.

Austin Petersheim just wants to make peanut butter and find a pretty wife, but he has the most annoying little brothers in the world, and they keep getting into all sorts of mischief that Austin has to clean up. Only Austin’s best friend, Hannah Yutzy, seems to understand how frustrated he is about keeping his brothers in line and finding a wife. If he could find someone he can talk to as easily as Hannah, he’d marry her in a heartbeat. Until then, he might have to lock himself in his room to escape his brothers.


Will Hannah give up on clueless Austin? Will Austin open his eyes and see the love that’s right in front of his face? Will Alfie and Benji finally move out of the cellar?

Alfie and Benji Petersheim are the incorrigible nine-year-old twins in the Petersheim Brothers series, and they are always getting into trouble. I used some of the antics of my own six children when writing about Alfie and Benji plus some of the real-life stories from my friend’s youngest son. One day my friend’s son cut his eyelashes so he could better see through his binoculars. I knew that story had to make it into one of my books.

Alfie and Benji Petersheim are always in trouble or thinking about ways to get in trouble:

  • Alfie cuts his eyelashes because they are getting in the way of his binoculars.
  • Alfie wants to see what it feels like to shave, so he takes his brother’s razor and shaves the top layer of skin off his upper lip.
  • The fire department has to get Alfie and four cats out of a tree.
  • Benji accidentally burns down a shed along with his mamm’s folding table and chairs.
  • Alfie and Benji kidnap a chicken and fake its death.
  • Alfie and Benji find a stray dog and hide it from their mamm.
  • Alfie locks himself in a shed and lights an orange smoke bomb. He comes out looking like an Oompa Loompa.
  • Alfie and Benji save two lives in His Amish Sweetheart, and Alfie gets a good citizen medal. His mamm refuses to let him wear it to church.