Dana Mentink

Since this has been a year like no other…it calls for a special plan for the new year! Instead of making regular old resolutions (lose weight, be more patient, exercise, do my stretches, improve my daily word count) I have decided to write reverse resolutions! What are those, you say? They are practices I have put into place during these “unprecedented times” that I would like to continue into the future. Like what, you ask? (Amazing how I can hear your questions, isn’t it?) Check out the list below.


  1. Daily morning quiet time with the Lord. Sure, I already had that in place before the pandemic, but I have found that my conversations with God in the morning before the Mentink peeps have arisen (including the dog, and online college children) has become lengthier and deeper. Is that because I have more to say? To ask? To beseech? To ponder? Probably, but whatever the reason, I want to maintain that spiritual intimacy when the world opens up again.
  2. Guess what I’ve noticed? My attention span gets shorter and shorter the longer I live! I know, shocking, right? Well anyway, I have this theory that you can train your attention span, sort of strengthen it like a muscle, if you will. To that end, I’ve been trying to stretch out my reading time. One more chapter before you check that email! One more moment to sit quietly and finish that letter before you return that text! You see? So far I think it’s working and I want to maintain the progress!
  3. Dana’s House of Hair is off to a bang up start. Of course, I only have two clients, Baby Bear arrives to have her bangs cut, and Papa Bear for the monthly buzz. I got special scissors and an electric clipper and even a nifty silver cape! I don’t do anything fancy, and the tips are terrible, but imagine how much money we’ve saved! Dana’s House of Hair for the win!


So what would your “reverse resolutions” be? What activities or practices have you developed during the pandemic that you’d like to keep in place into the new year?