Robin Meade

Berta climbed on top of Munch’s shoulders to peer through the gated window.  Getting in the right position by balancing on her tiptoes on top of his shoulders took a moment.

“Berta!”  Tia hissed.  “What do you see?”

“It’s dark, Tia,” Berta hissed back, placing the bottom of her foot firmly on Munch’s head.  Munch lifted his arm to steady her foot.  “Oh, oh, wait.  I think there is a way out through the next window over.”

“The next window over?  Which way, Berta?” Lia asked.

Berta looked down at Lia confused and then nodded, understanding.  “Oh, it’s this arm,” Berta said, waving her left arm, “I mean this side.  Next window down.” Munch helped Berta down.

“Who will go to the next window?” Goxl asked.  “And who will watch?”

“Oh, pick me!”  Mia begged.  “I haven’t gotten to have any sort of adventure yet.  Berta has been able to look out for the last three windows.  I want to look out the next window.”

“It’s not that simple, Mia,” Helka said.  “Goxl means we need to split up.  We must be clever about this if we are going to rescue the princess.”

“Are you saying I’m not clever?” Mia asked, blinking her eyes.

“For goodness sake, Mia!”  Tia exclaimed.  “It’s not about you.  Munch, Berta, Mia and I will go to the next window.  Goxl, Helka and Lia, please keep watch while we go and then follow us through.”

“Why do you make all the decisions, Tia?”  Mia demanded.

“Someone has too dear,” Lia answered Mia gently, patting her shoulder.  “Aren’t you excited to be going to the next window?”

“Why.  Why, yes.  I am,”  Mia admitted.

“Well, hurry along then dear,”  Lia encouraged.

“Oh, of course.  You’re right as always, Lia.”  Mia hurried to Tia’s side, looking proudly at Berta.

Tia rolled her eyes.  “This way.  Let’s go”

Carefully and quietly the group of seven made their way down to the next gated window to the left.

From the author:  Teamwork.  It gets the job done.  But sometimes we want the job that we may not be qualified for and we leave our own talents undeveloped longing for what someone else has been gifted in.  The Bible tells us God has given each of us talents.  Develop yours.  Remember whatever talent you have has been given was given by God to use for your good and his glory.  Using your talent is an important opportunity!  1Corinthians 12:12-27