September 2021 Featured Article

How Aunt Liz Inspired Me by Rebecca Tews

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been writing. It’s always been a part of who I am. Whenever I could get the chance, I would sit down and write a story and just let my imagination flow onto the pages. However, I didn’t become serious about it until I was fourteen or fifteen. I had started writing yet another book, but this one I was determined to publish. Looking back on it now, that book needed some serious rewriting and editing. But Aunt Liz was so excited and supportive of me. She took me under her wing and was even willing to read the book and give me some feedback on it. While I did never publish it, I still use her notes to this day. The feedback she gave me helped me to grow and mature as a writer.

Aunt Liz continues to support me in any way that she can. She’s taken me to ACFW writers conferences, allowed me to intern with her, and still reads my work and edits it. She has introduced me to people in the writing world, helped me set up my own blog, and gave me tips on how to work social media. She has been more than willing to show me the ropes and I don’t think she knows how much I appreciate her. And how much I look up to her. While there are times when writer’s block gets the best of me, or I haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and write for weeks, or just get discouraged about my writing, her support and inspiration alone helps me to keep pressing on. Writing is my passion, and she has helped to nurture that passion in so many ways. I definitely would not be the writer, or even person, I am today if it wasn’t for her.

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