Robin Meade

The loud rooster alarm instantly brought Marcia to a full sitting position in bed.  Still groggy with sleep, she struggled to find her phone under the flannel covers.  She flipped her pillow.  The alarm grew louder.   She lifted the covers again and spotted the phone in between the abyss of comfort turned to an echo chamber for the blaring alarm.  Her fingers fumbled but managed to turn off the alarm and toss her phone aside.

Marcia sat for a moment trying to gather herself.  “What day is it?” she asked, grabbing her phone again to check.  “SATURDAY.  It’s Saturday.  Why am I up at six in the morning on Saturday?”  She looked up the alarm note on the phone.

“Time to write,” she read out loud.  “Uhhhhhhh,” she groaned, laying back on her pillow and rubbing her eyes.  “What was I thinking setting this?  Who wants to write at six in the morning on a Saturday?”

She lay still for a moment.  “Well, I guess I do.  I am awake.  There’s no going back to sleep now.  But I’m not doing this without breakfast.”

Marcia threw back the covers and sat on the edge of her bed.  “Oh, it’s cold too.”  She crawled back under the covers.  “Too cold to get up.  I’ll just stay here and think about what I’m going to write about.”

Then she remembered.  “Oh right, there’s soccer and I need to do all that running around today.  It’s now or never for writing.  That’s why I set the alarm.  Uhhhh.  Fine.”

Grudgingly she got back out from under the covers.  Never sounded pretty good for the writing piece.  She went to bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her auburn hair.  Here she was, fat and dumpy in her pajamas looking like a complete mess.  “Who is going to bother reading what I write anyway?  What did I have to say that hasn’t already been said?  Why do I think what I write will matter to anyone?”

She saw the tears form in her eyes in the mirror.  “I am not thinking that.  I am NOT thinking that!  That is… FLITTERFLUFF!”  She smiled confidently at the thought of using a fairy word.  She lifted her chin in defiance at her negative thoughts and resolutely got into the shower.

From the author:  The talent God has given you is important.  Do not compare your talent to the talents of others.  God will not hold you accountable for how they use their talent, but how you use yours.  It doesn’t matter if a thousand people around you also have the same talent.  Use your talent to the best of your ability, for God’s glory.

1 Corinthians 12:12-30 tells me that all the members of the body of Christ are important otherwise there isn’t a body to work together.  Don’t miss the opportunities God has given you to use the talents he’s given you.  Keep using them.