Tabitha Bouldin

What happens now?

I’ve finished Lost in Wonderland, book two in the Beyond Wonderland series, and now I’m looking ahead.

Book three!

It is a strange thing, this being an author. Writing one book. Marketing a different book. Thinking up plots for yet another book. I always wondered how authors kept it all straight. I don’t know about ALL the other authors, but for me it’s a constant juggle. Sometimes I completely forget a story thread while I’m working on something else. Then I feel like Gandalf when I come back and I have no memory of what I wrote. And that’s fun, because then I get to read the story like it’s brand new!

Right now, I’m still thinking so much about Lost in Wonderland and Madness in Wonderland that I haven’t managed to contemplate a plot for book three. I’m sure Alice will have plenty to say once I sit down to write. She’s rather opinionated.

Madness in Wonderland released this month, and I love seeing it out in the world. When I first started writing, I knew that I wanted to write Christian Fantasy someday. Seeing that dream realized is a remarkable testament to faith and perseverance. Seeing it turn into a trilogy is proof that God has more in mind for me than I ever imagine for myself.