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The Surprises on Bookshelves

What books are on your bookshelves? How do you organize your books? If I close my eyes, I imagine my ideal personal library: ceiling to floor bookshelves on all walls in a library with a rolling ladder like in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” A true fairytale dream! What surprises I would find there! But even with my shelves I’m surrounded by special, sweet, surprises every day.

My reality consists of a small office with one wall of ten-foot shelves packed with some of my most cherished books written by dear author friends, past and present. In other parts of the house, I have an antique bookcase with glass, rollback panes where I house my old books or collections such as Jane Austen or Shakespeare. But back in my comfy office with my writing desk and research materials, I’m surrounded by my beloved books connecting all my senses.

Even though, right now, I write historical fiction, I have all genres on my shelves. Have you ever wondered where your favorite authors nestle on the shelves? Where would your name be? All authors are in great company. Look at my pictures and see if you find familiar authors. I’ll share a few:

Gs: Gentry, Gohlke, Graham, Gray, Gregory, Greene, Griep, Grisham, Grunst, Gunn. Wow I’m in great company!!!

Ss: Schamel, Shakespeare, Shiloh, Shriver, Sienes, Skatvold

Hs: Hannah, Hauck, Havig, Hedlund, Helm, Hemingway, Higgs, Hile, Holmes, Hunt, Hunter

Ws: Weir, Wangard, Wardwell, K. White, R. White, Willig, Whitson, Wilson, Witemeyer, Woodhouse


If you want to add a good historical series to your shelves, try Revolutionary Faith. Book Five Wait for Me was released February 9 and is my giveaway for this month.

Happy book shelf browsing!

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