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Early Morning Musing

Are you an early or late riser? I’ve always been a morning person and an early riser. I envy the ones who can snuggle deeper under the covers and sleep another hour or two. Not me! My body and mind lean toward the six o’clock hour ignoring the alarm set for later. But instead of forcing my body to remain inert, I embrace the early morning hours, filling them with purpose and musing.

One of the joys of empty-nesting is the quietness of the morning. No one—including my husband—is up to cross my path, except my cats who are quickly fed and ready to roam outside. Quiet, except for the awakening birds. I live next to some woods and have melodies all around me. Quiet with my thoughts. Time for me. My routine is rarely compromised.

With my first cup of English breakfast tea, I satisfy my curious brain with a few chapters of my latest read. I enjoy escaping to the British Isles in another century or facing a dilemma with a modern-day prince. I relax into my big comfy chair and into the role of inquisitive reader.

My second cup of tea accompanies my time of journaling. This habit commenced at the age of ten while living in England. My teacher suggested the activity, one I latched onto and never let go. This exercise gets my brain waves churning for the day. As I jot down snippets of my life, I add notes and ideas for my writing. My current work in progress benefits from my time of musing and reflecting. The tidbits follow me and blossom until my writing time later in the day.

My corner of the world contains its morning rituals as a school bus passes, the shower runs, and the nuances of traffic surface. I continue with the part of my morning that solidifies me for the day—the part I covet as the most important. This time anchors me and sends me in the right direction each day. My quiet time with the Lord! I focus on God’s Word, followed by devotional readings and prayer. Ending my quiet early morning this way ties my mind to God’s direction, not mine. I now have a fighting chance to get it right.


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