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Things in Common

When you read, do you find a character who shares some of your characters, your likes and dislikes, your dreams and goals, your struggles and defeats, your accomplishments and challenges? It happens all the time to me. But also, I enjoy experiencing life through characters that are opposite of me. I’m an introvert, but I can learn from a character who is an extrovert.


Take this little survey that includes some of the qualities of my heroines.

  • Yes/No  I like to bake.
  • Y/N  I enjoy gardening.
  • Y/N I’m a good seamstress.
  • Y/N I love cats.
  • Y/N I like dogs.
  • Y/N I dislike horses.
  • Y/N I prefer bright, bold tones.
  • Y/N I chose earthy hues.
  • Y/N I enjoy crowds.
  • Y/N I yearn to be alone.
  • Y/N I face challenges with energy.
  • Y/N I avoid any conflict.
  • Y/N I’m curious about history.
  • Y/N I prefer contemporary issues.
  • Y/N I am an only child.
  • Y/N I’m the oldest of my siblings.
  • Y/N I’m a good listener.
  • Y/N I talk a lot.

Whatever your likes or dislikes, you can find authors who can give you strong characters with unique personalities and situations.

Accept the challenge. Dive into a good book.                 


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