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The End—A Misnomer

As I write the end on my latest work, I breath a quick sigh of relief, catch a deep lungful of air, and realize my work is far from finished. The end? Far from it.

The misnomer only works when the project is finally published. My “baby” has a painful growth for a few months. Since I am a pen and paper writer, the first thing I do is input it into a word document. The first edit begins, from a draft to a more refined version bull of deletions, additions, corrections, and rewriting.

Another sigh. But not the real end.

I send my manuscript to an editor. My professional personal editor polishes my work adding/deleting commas, suggesting word changes, correcting syntax, giving historical comments, and general editing. After a few days, I receive the edit and enter the suggestions and corrections that are appropriate.

The end? Oh, no…

The next button I push is sent with a prayer as the work soars to my publisher. My “baby” endures three or more additional edits. Painful for here is where sentences, paragraphs, or even scenes are reworded, rejected, or revamped.

Do I ever get used to the red marks all over my pages? No, but I know it is necessary to produce a quality novel/novella. The pain is almost over.

The end arrives. Yet, it is really just the beginning of the book’s journey.

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