September 2022 Featured Article

Reading Perches

Where do you enjoy reading? In which position do you read? I expect the answers will run the gamut of ordinary, interesting, and extraordinary. An easy answer for me would be anywhere as long as I am reading. But this it me.

I’ll give a few answers for each one. On an ordinary morning from six to six-thirty I curl up in my big chair with a cup of tea (or two) and read from my eBook app. I love this peaceful time with my cats and current read. The other ordinary everyday place is in bed before I go to sleep. A few chapters from a print copy satisfies my end of the day reading quota.

Some interesting and pleasant diversions from my inside spaces are my front porch and back deck. I wish I had more time here. These are the places I have to steal time during my day for a chapter or two. In the car I listen to audio books. Though I prefer a physical book, this option squelches those thoughts of wasting time while driving. I count the books as books read!

My extraordinary perches with a book or books include beaches or mountaintops, cabins or luxury hotels, cafes and quaint bookstores. Pulling a book out on an exotic Hawaiian beach or in a cottage in England adds a layer of excitement to my reading experience.

Wherever I am, reading is a favorite past time—well more like a lifeline. I crave the adventures and journeys in the worlds of novels, whether with a princess or a book seller.

Give me a perch and a book and you’ve given me treasures.

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