Robin Meade

“But wasn’t the princess still very young after the war, Father?”  Tiflin asked.  “How could she know what to do?”

“Tiflin,” Ambrand shook his head smiling, “age is no indication of what one is capable of.  There is only rising to the challenge of being all you can be, all you are called to be.  This is the true beauty of this story.”

“Birgitta must have been so brave after her parents died,” Tiflin whispered, staring into the firelight.

“Indeed,” Ambrand agreed.  “Her love for her people is what inspired her courage to do what needed to be done to preserve them.  Well, not only her own people but the rest of the races as well.  What flowers is beautiful but many of these plants also produce food.”

“What kind of food does the Black Lily make?”  Tiflin asked.

“Oh, well… none.  The Black Lily is a beautiful flower the princess created when she fell in love for the first time.  But you see, she did not know she was in love.  After she had created so many flowers and flowering plants that produced fruit of a variety which still amazes all, the princess Birgitta fell into the regularity of duty.  Much of what she produced was practical.  She created food and beauty with little effort.  The plants had beauty as flowers and flowering things do but there was nothing truly unique or incredible among them.”

“Wait,” Tiflin challenged.  “You said that Birgitta had three loves.  If her people were her first love, who was the second?  And the third?”

“Very good questions, Tiflin,” Ambrand chuckled, looking at her slyly.  “I can see story time tonight will only keep you awake.”

Tiflin grimaced.  “Fine.  I’ll settle in.  No more questions.”  She nestled into her bedding.

“Very good, there you go.  Now, the flowering plants Birgitta created were of course well known throughout the land.  All manner of creatures from Shifters and humans to chipmunks and rabbits, especially refugees, settled into a new life as close to the fairy realm as they could to survive.  Most were starting over, looking for a place of comfort from the ravages of war.  Near the fairy realm everything grew easily compared to the rest of the world.  The settlers settled in, bringing with them their own ways of life and curiosity about the fairies.”

From the author:  When our comfort is disrupted, we don’t like it.  We seek for answers that will help us get back to where we were comfortable.  Because comfort is what we want, what we feel we deserve.  But really the Bible tells us we are sinful in need of a savior.  And Jesus isn’t about helping you limp along in your faith so you can be comfortable and make an easy transition into heaven.    Jesus is looking for you to be working where you are planted to do what he calls you to do for God’s kingdom.  That’s your purpose here as a Christian in this life.