September 2021 Featured Article

Meet Valerie Hornigold

If you read these articles every month, you know I have been introducing you to some of my characters in the Independence Islands Series. You have meet Beth Stevens (and a bit of Scott Anderson), Thaddaeus Reynolds, Raylin McReynolds, and Gram. They are all heroes in some way and readers love their stories.

This month, I’m sharing a not-so-loveable character – Valerie Hornigold. You met her in Scrumptious Independence. In Heart Pressed, Ben Hornigold – her cousin – gave Beth a little insight into Valerie’s background. She has been a background character throughout the series but her poor choices make her an absent entity in the storyline.

Valerie isn’t a villain by choice as much as she is by circumstance. Her upbringing wasn’t as nice as some and she found herself at the working and of a daddy’s wrath more times than not. Though she desired to be accepted by the men in her life, they never came to appreciate her the way they did other girls. As she got older, her desire to be loved had her making some very poor choices and using her feminine charms to get what she wanted. Like trying to force her way into Scott Anderson’s life, romantically, or when she committed a crime to get back at him and Beth.

She is the one person who was upset when Beth sailed into the islands with her food truck. And when she and Scott met on the ferry that day, Valerie made a point to make Beth’s Life hectic by spreading gossip and working with a greedy mayor. Her goal of getting Scott to love her to making Beth’s Life so miserable she would pack and leave.

But if you’re reading the stories, you know that’s not happening.

So, why would I write a character like this? My answer is simple—everybody knows Valerie and those that are compassionate desire for her to see the error of her ways and turn over a new leaf.

You see Valerie’s story is ever developing even though she is not a constant presence in the series. There’s a part of me that actually likes her and I feel like she needs her own book, but it would be such a heartbreaking tale. I’m not sure Christian fiction is ready for some of it. Then again, I could be wrong. What I do know for sure is we all know people like her. The kind of people who are searching for something to fill a hole within them. People who need Jesus.

No one told Valerie, yet, how precious she is and that she is worth more than what her looks can offer. That she doesn’t have to degrade herself and do despicable things to be loved. She needs someone to show her, but who will introduce her to that kind of life-changing love? Will she ever find someone to love her the way she should be loved?

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