Fans of Love Inspired books will fall in love with this heartwarming story of faith, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

As a former foster child herself, Molly’s greatest wish is to adopt a child out of what was a horrible life for her. Everything looks great and on track for the adoption when a chain bookstore moves into the area and threatens her livelihood. To add insult to injury, the man who convinced her ex-fiancé to leave her at the altar has not only moved into the building next door, he’s talking about buying her business, too.

Discovering his best friend’s ex-fiancée running a bookstore next to his new coffee franchise leaves Derek in a quandary. Should he explain why he counseled against a marriage? Ask forgiveness?

With lots of peaks and valleys, the story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. The moment everything thing seems to be soaring to the perfect heights, some minor tragedy would strike and send you over the top. Often, it would escalate into more, although often either Molly’s or Derek’s perspectives created that escalation rather than fact. Down the emotions slide, picking up momentum until something settles it out again.

Woven into the story are small but significant elements of faith that never once felt token. Molly grapples with what the Lord really wants for her life, and even has a serious chat with the little girl she hopes will one day be her daughter. These characters don’t show up at church on Sunday and forget about the Lord the rest of the week. They live (or don’t at times) their faith as a part of who they are.

The small-town setting offers a cast of interesting characters who add richness to the story. Additionally, much of the tension of the book centers on its prime location for developers trying to muscle in on the town. Now that I think of it, I think Hallmark should take a look at this story. They’ve made heartwarming movies about similar plots in the past, and this has just enough uniqueness with the adoption line (and who doesn’t love a bookstore book/movie?) to make it stand out.

This plot has everything Love Inspired readers love most. From the enemies-to-romance story line, to the delightful child who just needs a home, to Molly’s “about to lose everything” fears, readers of A Dream of a Family will walk away from this book with “all the feels” for characters who all just need a second chance at life and happiness.


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