I always like getting in at the start of a new series. Briar Creek Love is definitely a series I’m going to want to watch in the future. In A Promise for Faith author Stacy Simmons introduces us to the community of Briar Creek and the characters of Faith and Caleb, in addition to their family, friends and other community members.

Relationships – so many things to consider. When a relationship ends, does it end forever? Is there ever a reason to get back together? Being truthful and not having secrets is an important part of any relationship. However, there are always those questions at the beginning of a relationship.How much do I share? When do I share? Is there anything to keep a secret? Faith and Caleb have to answer these questions as they rekindle a relationship.

Stacy Simmons also includes some unpleasant characters and reluctant family members. Will these characters keep Faith or Caleb from meeting their goals? These unpleasant people give the main characters an opportunity to grow in much the same way we can grow through our dealings with difficult people.

Relationships also include sacrifices. What kind of sacrifices will Faith or Caleb need or want to make during the course of their relationship? Readers may be challenged to consider what type of sacrifices they can or should make in their relationships.

Readers will enjoy watching the relationship between Faith and Caleb grow. They will also appreciate how Scripture and Biblical values are infused into the lives of the characters. This contemporary clean romance is a great light read.

I look forward to reading more about the residents of Briar Creek in future volumes of Briar Creek Love. There are some hints in A Promise of Faith of who the next volume might be about – I’m curious to find out.


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