Restoring Fairhaven Review by Aryn

Restoring Fairhaven is a powerful read. I couldn’t put it down. The idea of restoration playing out in people’s lives and faith, mirrored by restoring Fairhaven’s gardens was remarkable. The progression was natural and flowed well, with a good blend of humor, tension, and reflection. I’ve always loved the name Samantha, and this Samantha was […]

Her Merriweather Hero by Kimmie Werntz

This book is the fourth installment in Celebrate Lit’s Independence Island Series, and I loved Rachel Skatovld’s addition to the Merriweather Islands. Kendall the main female lead, is a spunky redheaded family-oriented woman with a good head on her shoulders and the typical responsibilities of an older sibling. Rachel Skatvold did a great job interweaving […]