Often fiction will mirror life. Draw Me to Your Side, while it is set in Charles Town, SC, during the Revolutionary War; the thoughts of the main characters were ones I have had myself. The words author Marguerite Martin Gray puts in the mouths of her characters will speak to the hearts of many in our world today. We all face uncertainty and while our uncertainties are different than those of Louis and Elizabeth and others in the book, there are similarities and the characters have a message for us as well as encouragement.

Smuggling materials out of the city in order to assist the Patriot soldiers is not something that has happened in our country in recent years, but there has been turmoil. I’m sure there are parents who have asked the same question as Elizabeth. “What have we done, Louis, bringing these children into this chaos? What selfish acts have we committed?” I think that Louis’s response has a message for those parents.

“We have done nothing selfish or wrong. We have chosen to bring children into our God-fearing home, wanting to give them love and a home where they can grow. And along with that, we’ll give them a better community and country with high standards of freedom and hope. Do not doubt, sweet Elizabeth, that these children are gifts sent to us at this appropriate, perfect time. God’s time.”

The characters in Draw Me to Your Side are well-developed and people readers will be able to relate to in spite of the many years separating the time of the book and today. I found so much wisdom in the words of the characters. The writer of Ecclesiastes was right when he said there is nothing new under the sun as the lives of the characters show us. Louis and Elizabeth rely on God in the midst of trying circumstances, something we all must learn.

Wisdom from Elizabeth’s grandma is a good reminder for all. “You don’t have to understand or even like the circumstances or the situations of life in order to love and obey God. He knows the outcome already and stands ready to see you through it.” I could share more quotes that spoke to me but I will let you find your own favorites. As you read the book, I’m sure you will find wisdom from the various characters that you can relate to your life.

As far as I can tell, the book is historically accurate. Marguerite Martin Gray included real events and real people in her narrative. When authors do this well, history becomes real. Gray has done it well and he has a good reason to – the real life characters of Louis and Elizabeth are her ancestors.

Draw Me to Your Side with its discussion questions at the end would make a great book for a book club. But even if not read in a book club, the questions are thought-provoking and beneficial for individual reflection.

Draw Me to Your Side is book four in Gray’s Revolutionary Faith series. While it is not necessary to read the previous books in order to enjoy this title, I did feel at times like I was missing some information. I’m probably going to go back and read the previous books in the series. If you enjoy well-written historical fiction, you will want to add Draw Me to Your Side and the others in the Revolutionary Faith series to your TBR pile.

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