Sunken ships, beach vibes, contemporary romance, and two very different spiritual journeys  harmonize perfectly in From Shore to Shore. You will easily be transported to the island beach and enjoy the waves and sunshine along with deep sea dives to unknown treasures. You will most likely connect with Bree and Connor in one way or the other. I think we all can understand being hurt to the core unwilling to trust others, and at times unwilling to trust our Creator to show us what’s next. Great depth is achieved for every main and secondary character giving you a real sense of how they feel and being part of each interaction. The plot easily keeps you engaged from page one to the last page as you slowly unravel each layer of the story. This book reminds us of the grace of God- particularly in that God is always pursuing us and bringing us to know Him more. The romance contained within is satisfying but does not overtake the heart or purpose of the story line. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys contemporary fiction or a well developed redemptive story.


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