Labor Of Love by Marguerite Martin Gray was like taking a trip to Tuscany, and a step back in time…

It was my first time having the privilege to read a book by Marguerite Martin Gray  and I really liked her style of writing. It flowed very smoothly and left me wanting to be invested in her characters from the beginning. I appreciated her attention to detail, and her wonderful descriptions (I think Marguerite Martin Gray is someone who knows her way around a garden!).

The historical notes were interesting, and I believe she got all the details correct. It really was like taking a step back in time, with the way the characters were portrayed and how they interacted.

Both Ana and Marco were interesting and had good character arcs that led me on a wonderful journey. Their thought processes were easy to follow, and they genuinely had good conversations with each other. Ana had a wonderful reliance on God that I strive to have as well.

I was truly transported to a scene so lush and vivid that I did not want to leave; now I want to go to Tuscany and plant a garden! Thank you, Marguerite Martin Gray, for this wonderful story.


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