Think old world wonder, fantasy, and combine it with an edgy feistiness and that is how I would describe Madness in the Wonderland by Tabitha Bouldin.

It was a vastly different type of character setting than I have ever read before, which only added to its appeal. I was well and truly hooked by the end of the first chapter by this unknown world I was thrust into; And it continued to hold my attention the whole way through. Tabitha Bouldin woven in descriptions and terms that were unique, interesting, and made me imagine.

The characters were interesting. I loved Alice. She was feisty and sassy, strong and bold. Frank was a thinker. With wise words and careful (ha-ha) planning.

I know that Madness in the Wonderland is supposed to be a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein, the former not a favorite book of mine, the latter one I genuinely enjoyed reading. Tabitha Bouldin took what I did not like about Alice in Wonderland and gave it new life (literally) and made me enjoy it. All the while melding the two stories into one cohesive bit of drama full of interesting happenings.

Madness in The Wonderland was definitely a story that will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and curiosity on what will come next.



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