“Because at the end of the day, faith offers comfort when the world can’t. There’s no promise that we’ll be comfortable or even that we’ll have a tomorrow on this earth, but because I believe, I know that my soul will have a tomorrow. An a good one, at that.”

That quote right there is one of the reasons I always enjoy reading Kari Trumbo’s stories. Every time I read a story by her, I come away feeling like it resonated with me and that I could use the ideas in it and apply them to my life, which is not something I can do with every book I read no matter how hard I try. The themes of being honest and second chances were readily apparent in this book and I really liked the way they were woven into the story.

Both main characters in Matchmakers Best Friend, Pen and Mike, continually seek God’s guidance for their lives, even amid some interesting quandaries that Pen puts them in! I enjoyed the good tension between characters throughout the whole book; there were times I did not know whether to applauded or wallop Pen and Mike for not voicing their true thoughts! Matchmakers Best Friend also had some very convincing and engaging dialogue that kept me turning the pages right from the start. I recommend reading this book if you love selfless romance, second chances, and serendipity type stories. I am looking forward to seeing if any of the other characters mentioned in this book will get a story of their own!


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