Mishaps Off the Mainland is a sweet island romance with an unexpectedly deep and genuine storyline.


We are introduced to Mel, a mobile dog grooming entrepreneur barely making ends meet that starts to question if this is the plan God had in mind for her to start with. Along her bumpy start, she meets Zeke who is every bit as mischievous as Mel, and is cute too. Both Zeke and Mel provide such complexity as hero and heroine that I was just instantly endeared to them, and couldn’t wait to see romance blossom between the two of them.


Each secondary character, especially Nana, played an important and equally endearing role in the plot. I personally loved all the dogs and owners we got to meet along the way as well since I am a dog person myself and love my own dogs very much.


The depth to the story line was quite unexpected as both Zeke and Mel faced their own family challenges that they both try to keep to themselves which as a whole would be relatable to many readers. I liked how the hero and heroine both had equal internal dialogue and focus in the story, as I feel many fiction books tend to focus much more on the heroine in a romance. While the book was certainly not an action plot, the story line itself truly kept me glued to the page as each page seemed to reveal another layer to the plot or our protagonists’ characters.


Overall, the plot is well paced, the characters are developed and relatable, and the romance is truly a beauty to watch slowly blossom. The Biblical message was clear, but didn’t overtake the sweet storyline by any means. I recommend this book for any Christian fiction reader who enjoys a contemporary romance with a lot of heart and depth.


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