Ready to take a step back into the Roaring 1920s and solve a mystery? Look no further than Murder at the Empire. In steps our heroine, Gayle Wells, who is a highly skilled organist ready to lend her talents as the first female organist of the Empire- a silent movie film theater at the height of entertainment for the times. Gayle is surrounded by staunch females in her life, always looking to forge the path farther for women’s rights while Gayle simply wishes to raise enough money to buy her own automobile.

The setting of the Empire and the 1920s in general is a beautiful thing to behold. The idioms of the time used by the characters, the treasures described within the Empire, the description of period clothing, and the hostile working environment Gayle finds herself in all serve to feel we are side by side with Gayle trying to prove herself as the skilled musician she is. We don’t plan on meeting Mr. Starek, the “Emperor” himself who is convinced that Gayle is all she claims to be. Unfortunately, Mr. Starek finds himself in a great mystery when murder arrives at the Empire, and, naturally, Gayle becomes intertwined in the mystery herself.

Watching Gayle develop through the book was simply such a delight to read, and when I finished the book, I really wished to be good friends with Gayle. The Gospel thread found throughout the plot weaves the truth of the Bible in naturally without overtaking the storyline. All of the minor characters were developed clearly so that I had a clear image and feeling towards each of them while I was reading. The mystery truly kept you guessing holding you absolutely entranced until you finally figured it out along with our heroine. There was a sweet romance that very gradually developed that again did not overtake the mystery of the book.

Overall, this book is perfect for those who read historical fiction, mystery genres, or are looking for a good adventure read. I highly recommend this book to just about any Christian fiction reader out there.


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