Restoring Fairhaven is a powerful read. I couldn’t put it down. The idea of restoration playing out in people’s lives and faith, mirrored by restoring Fairhaven’s gardens was remarkable. The progression was natural and flowed well, with a good blend of humor, tension, and reflection.

I’ve always loved the name Samantha, and this Samantha was especially fun, with a quick sense of humor, dedication, and the way she grew through all of the challenges she faced, made me appreciate the author’s talent.

The quiet lesson in prayer is powerful, reminding us to expect good things from God, instead of just asking for them without believing God will do anything about it.

Max Fairhaven, now, no matter how many times I was told he wasn’t 40 yet, I kept picturing him as 70. It was cool to watch the years fall off of him as the story progressed. I liked him a lot, both in his ‘grumpy old man’ phase (for understandable reasons), and as he came back to himself. His compassion and generosity were great!

Callie was the best. Her discrete ‘manipulation’ was always with a good purpose, and I hope she appears in more of Carolyn Miller’s Independence Island books!

I received an advance copy from #BecauseFiction, and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.




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