A book that truly lives up to its name, Seasoned Grace by Melissa Wardwell.

Everyone goes through different seasons of life and the (Independence Island) Hooper Island series is a splendid example of that. Melissa Wardwell hooked me right from the beginning with the force of a hurricane, the easy conversational tone of the characters, and how seamlessly she interwove the subplots of the Hooper Island series without it feeling confusing or messy.

The main characters of this story, Raylin and Sean, were very honest and interesting. I could see them as real people, with realistic life problems and thoughts. It felt like they didn’t sugar coat their thoughts and in turn, I felt like I really got to know them as characters on a more personal level. The way Melissa Wardwell included a tribute to 9/11 was also incredibly special.

While this story did focus on Raylin and Sean you cannot go to the Independence Island Series and not read about other friends! In this case, we get several special moments with Beth and Scott! I am so loving their slow romance through this series – Their story is sweet, and I loved how Melissa Wardwell added to their story this time, cue the swoon.

Overall, this story was rife with gracefully seasoned moments for Raylin and Sean as they grew as characters. I enjoyed how Melissa Wardwell gave answers to some tough questions we all have about family, life, and God through them and how she layered her characters. Plus, that taco recipe in the back of the book was delicious!


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