This book hooked me. I know I am somewhat of a sucker for a sweet fairy tale retelling, but I LOVE getting to see how authors re-imagine beloved tales to fit a modern, or in this case 1920s era.

Denise L. Barela is a debut writer who had a clear voice and engaging sense of character in Silencing the Siren. Andrew was a very likable character, and Denise L. Barela gave us a great glimpse into his thought process and mannerisms with some great detail work.

The mystery of Annabel was one I enjoyed trying to puzzle out. Her strength showed through in her everyday life, who had a strong faith. I loved how she overcame the obstacles in her life. She was a remarkable character, and I can see why Andrew was so enamored with her.

She took a story that is ordinarily not one of my favorites, and made me fall in love with the characters, their struggles, and the mystery interwoven throughout the story. Combining that with a relentless point of trusting God in all things, this book was an enjoyable story.

It will be interesting to see Denise L. Barela grow as she continues to hone her craft!


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