Liz Tolsma delivers an engaging story showing the power of a mother’s love in Slashed Canvas. At first glance, Katarina is a character that many people will have little to no sympathy for. However, Tolsma does a beautiful job of growing this character throughout the story. Tenderly. Authentically.


Not only does Tolsma provide a wonderful character arc, she also gives readers a fun mystery to solve. The moment you think you’ve got the who-dunnit, Tolsma brings a twist that throws you off track. When you reach the end and finally find out who the culprit is, not only are you pleasantly surprised, but you can look back at the story and see all the little clues that Tolsma provided along the way.


A retelling of The Lost Princess, Tolsma has brought her unique flair to the story and gives readers a fun, well written story that will have their attention from start to finish. The romance, secondary characters, faith theme and setting all add depth and layers to the story. Slashed Canvas is a story that historical and mystery fans alike will enjoy.


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