It’s hard to know where to start with this book. There are so many cool threads that we could pull on. While managing to be a stand-alone story, it still beautifully furthers past topics and relationships.
Like Bertha. I knew there was more to her story than just a mean spirit. And I am so glad that we get her story this time. The way Fay works with Bertha to process her memories and memorabilia, and helping her find herself again was just great!
And Mike’s still there, giving out wise advice, and being a good friend to those who need him.
Themes of trusting God when everything seems to be slipping through your fingers, and you don’t know what to do are woven through very well.
I was sad to see how much the concept of “I deserve this hard thing, because of that sin” or “what sin did I commit to deserve this?” was present, though thrilled to see people letting go of it. Yes, there are some O.T. passages that correlated sin and curses, obedience and blessings. But as Jesus said in John 9, these things aren’t necessarily due to sin, but may just be opportunities for God’s glory to shine through.
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather assume that it’s an opportunity for God’s glory, and watch to see where he’s going to work!
I related with Corbin in a couple of ways. I, too, was robbed of the joy of laughter thanks to some unkind people, and don’t always match people’s expectations. Those are hard to overcome, and sometimes the effort involved doesn’t seem worth it. But it is! And as Corbin begins to confront some of his issues, this thought was so relatable, convicting, and FUNNY!
“The idea…struck fear into his heart, and he really wasn’t ready to dig out the roots of that fear and kill it for good. I never was any good at manual labor anyway.”
And Fay was my Great Grandmother’s name, so I enjoyed that connection, and the fact that this Fay was so very different from Grandma was wonderfu!
Oh that we could all live up to this quote about Fay:
“They’d only known each other for a short time, yet he could say with certainty that God had put her in his path to remind him that He was faithful.”
I received an advance copy of this book from #becausefiction and the author. I chose to review it here, All thoughts are my own.


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