Carly intrigued me in the first book she was in (Her Merriweather Hero), and I’m happy to say that having her get her own story was great. I love her determination not to fall back off the drink wagon, no matter what her billionaire might think.

Healing after loss is a big part of the story, for both Carly and Jean-Luc, and hiding from the love of art that God gave them both hasn’t helped. I love the way God works so often through other people to nudge us past our hurts and back to his good gifts. This book is a good reminder of that.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Billionaire Romance genre, but in this case, it works. It is believable and sweet. Neither one is perfect, or close to it. But they seek God, and listen. And that makes all the difference.

My biggest complaint? It wasn’t long enough. I want a whole series with just these two. Don’t get me wrong, the story is complete, I’m just being greedy. I fell in love with them. Good thing I know we’ll get at least a little more of their story through the rest of the series.


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