Sarah Sundin has done it again. And she’s saved the best for last in this trilogy! I love that our heroine was a librarian. The love of books is real, and very relatable for me. That she was an orphan and learned how to persevere through difficult circumstances (including a violent attack by a man bent on having his own way) was inspiring. That she questioned her self worth was both believable, genuine and real.

What she had to offer Clay Paxton, the third brother tying this series together is way more than he, or she, could have guessed.

Clay has had his world shattered, and is fixated on his new mission. To serve, and save his comrades. He’s very gallant and kind, but he too (understandably) suffers from doubts about his self-worth.

As a reader, you can easily look in the mirror while reading this book. The struggles with self-worth and forgiveness are something we all face at some point, and questions we need to answer with God. This book doesn’t preach, but by example, there’s much to be learned!

I would recommend this book to history lovers, WWII buffs, Romantics, and anyone battling with forgiving painful betrayals.

I received a copy of this book from @netgalley and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.
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