Volition immerses the reader deep in a futuristic world complete with bohemian backdrops, mail order brides, and maximum government control. The reader meets Andi Flanders, a feisty, self-sufficient woman who is as confused as the reader when she finds herself in the future surrounded by a government that is devoid of Christianity, and yet full of orders for her to follow that seem all too primitive. We are shocked to find along with Andi that a mistake has been made by her “rescuers” that brought her to this future world, and yet we are further shocked to learn that correcting this mistake has life and death consequences for an innocent person.

Chautona’s writing skills shimmer and shine in this plot presented to us from a first person point of view which gives it a unique quality in that the character and the reader are just as disoriented as they wade through this perplexing futuristic backdrop. Chautona also manages to bring a strong faith thread of Andi learning more about who God created her to be, and leading others by her testimony to the Lord in this seemingly Christianless society without becoming overbearing in the plot. The plot twists and turns to bring true thrills and peels back slowly like layers of an onion. The development of Andi’s character while losing everything dear to her for the sake of an innocent person’s life was truly beautiful to behold. Chautona seamlessly, slowly orients us to this world to give the reader a clear picture without having such a sci-fi vibe that you get lost in all the language and backdrop. As an added bonus, there is a sweet and very precious romance that blooms along the way.

I am convinced that Chautona can truly take any Christian fiction genre, and master it completely to provide a book worthy to line any Christian fiction reader’s shelves. I would recommend this book for any Christian fiction reader looking for a book that is out of the box and has a strong faith thread, and would definitely recommend it for futuristic genre readers

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