This book has touched me in ways I’m not even sure I can entirely express in a review. Denly has penned a beautiful novel that captures the power of family, friendship, and relying on the Lord’s timing. She touches on the importance of healing, and allowing others to help you. She brings to light some difficult topics even, and yet does so in a way that just allows the characters to shine through those moments. Denly has managed to not only grab my attention through the main characters, but through the secondary story line as well.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how I connected with the secondary character Alice. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how her story was going to fit into the big picture (it does though, so not to worry), but even so I was drawn to her character. Her father reminds me of my own father, and I had a journey of wanting to get away from him as well. And while I know (and hope!) this would not be true for every reader, I have to say that it really intensified my reading experience. I knew exactly how she would feel and react in the different situations she was placed in, and Denly nailed it. I would love to see more of Alice in the future!

Eliza and Daniel were also wonderfully crafted characters. Eliza is a woman who will do anything for those she loves – whether it’s playing the role of a boy, sneaking on a ship, or risking her life to find the father that she loves so much. She’s a strong heroine for sure, and even so Denly was able to capture some vulnerability in her, and character growth that I was not initially expecting.

Daniel is the hero that has just moved into my mind, and isn’t going anywhere for awhile. What I liked about him the most was his loyalty, even when it felt wrong. I don’t want to risk any spoilers here, but I will say that he was a noble character, and even though I wanted him to go down a certain road, he chose not to. I think that made me like him even more. And not to worry romance fans – there are plenty of swoony moments that will leave you wanting more!

In addition to relatable characters, vivid settings, and swoony moments, Denly has delivered a story that will resonate with readers and have them looking at their own spiritual journey. Her love for sharing the gospel is so evident among the pages of this book, and I can’t thank her enough for writing the powerful message of relying on the Lord. It’s something that is certainly difficult at times, but if we do so, we can find the blessings will be so much more than we ever dreamed of. That is what I hope readers will get out of this story above anything else.

Waltz in the Wilderness is a well rounded story that will leave readers breathless. It is a poetic story of God’s love, God’s healing, and God’s perfect timing. I highly recommend this debut novel, and assure you it will be in Top 2020 lists among readers. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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