December 2021 Featured Article

Faith in the New Year

Happy 2022, everyone. It’s hard to believe a new year is unfolding right before our eyes and 2021 is but a shadow behind all of us.

We’ve packed away the Christmas tree, and its decorations, feasted with friends and family, sang carols-either like an angel or not. We all make “joyful noises.”

Anyway, we always set resolutions to follow in the newborn year. Ones we might decide will stick around, others, maybe, bring them out when the need arises.

What we do need to keep within us is our faith, our Heavenly Father will guide us through things. No matter what. My “word” for last year was endurance. It kept me focused on the task at hand-faith, family, and writing. The path I’ve taken to become an author was tangled in many things, busyness of life, work, and a myriad of other commonplace occurrences.

Throughout it, my faith endured, that come what may, I’d keep laser focused on my goal of writing. It’s one of the first resolutions, that has stayed steady on my list, not erased, nor changed, but in fact, highlighted and prayed upon.

Whether your list of resolutions is short, or as long as Tolstoy’s War and Peace, please take heart. Keep on the path you’re walking, with faith, and most importantly, with Jesus, as our Bible says, “all things are possible.”

May your new year be full of possibilities, faith, and hope. Keep walking, friend.

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