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Finally Fall Y’all!!

Fall football, festivals, and pumpkin spice everything y’all! These are the hallmarks of what we’ll experience during this colorful and festive season. It reminds me of a few years ago when our now grown kids were both in the high school band. My husband and I and fellow band parents would huddle near the field to help porter the decorations for the band’s show. Afterward, I’d curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate and cheer their team on.

Let’s take a trip back in time (we don’t have a DeLorean, so our imagination will have to suffice). My family and I lived in the Rochester, NY area and every fall we’d load up the “Mom van,” with all the accoutrements a family with little kids would need. Something Disney, goldfish, Capri Suns, shoot, almost a whole grocery store. We’d meander through country back roads seeing the brush of gold or orange on the trees, and an occasional turkey bobbing in a field. An apple and pumpkin farm held our kids in rapt glee, one or the other would always pick the absolute biggest pumpkin and claim it as theirs. We’d downsize their plans and then treat them to an apple cider donut-a rare treat. We’d stow our treasures and walk to the other side of the farm where the apple trees grew. One year I made a historic four apple pies and two quarts of applesauce, the kids won the “large purchase” battle that time.

Wherever, these cool and crisp moments take you, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for reading, I now feel the need to go bake some pumpkin bread for some inexplicable reason. : )

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