June 2022 Featured Article

We Have a Holiday for What?

Happy summer everyone!

For all the parents out there of school age children, I hope y’all have wonderful next few months. Mine will be filled with writing the third novel in my Briar Creek Love series, spending time with family and friends and marked by occasional jaunts down the rabbit hole, i.e., social media.

While perusing social media, have you seen some of the interesting national days for this month-National Donut Day, I could get behind this one occasionally, cough cough. International Bath Day (I hope this is more than a once-a-year occurrence?). There’s a National Tapioca Day as well as a National Handshake Day, so a mix of delicious and friendly, very nice.

On June 2nd you can celebrate the National Leave the Office Early Day, but, would your boss understand? I’m not going to try that one out myself, she’s super sweet but…

For all of us who shun shoes, there’s the National Go Barefoot Day, mental note to me, don’t try it-the Texas summer sun is hot enough to fry an egg in eight minutes. Side note- when my kids were little, we tried this and geekily timed it. Bless my now grown children’s hearts having a teacher as one of their parents they were subjected to a lot of learning even on their days off.

However, you spend this glorious sun-soaked summer, may it be a joyous one! Excuse me while I go enjoy a Bomb Pop on its national day and sip an iced tea on its special day. Take care!

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