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Part Two of Lessons I Learned from My Novel

Perhaps you read my article in the February #BecauseFiction Magazine about our family’s set of trials and how I learned lessons on courage from the characters in my novel, Faces of Courage.

You may remember (but it’s okay if you don’t because I probably wouldn’t—my memory is good, just short) I said our trials really weren’t that bad, no one was dying or anything.

I shouldn’t have spoken so fast. No one died, but it was close. My husband had a heart attack last month and he could have died. I praise the Lord He spared my husband’s life that day. It was the capstone (thus far!) on two months of trials, some of which we’re still dealing with.

If I felt weak and wondering how I would survive before this episode, perhaps you can imagine how I felt during and after this new trial.

Reading about how heart attacks manifest themselves and witnessing one are two wildly different scenarios, at least for us. His looked nothing like what I’d read about, which meant there was confusion as to whether we needed paramedics and then a wild ride to the hospital. I beat the ambulance to the ER. Waiting outside the hospital because, you know, COVID. I could have waited in the lobby by myself, but our kids came to wait with me. We set up folding lawn chairs on a cemented area just outside the lobby doors.

It would have been festive except for the occasion. Keep in mind, our all-family get-togethers since COVID have been on Zoom for the last eleven months. Two of my adult children are high risk. This was not the reunion I had in mind.

The point of my last article was I had learned a lot about courage from my Faces of Courage main character, Olivia. And that my trials were puny compared to hers. Well, in many ways, they still don’t stack up to hers, but they got closer.

So, how’d I do in the courage department compared to Olivia?  Was my faith strong enough to trust the Lord and apply my grit?

I was reminded of Psalm 56 in which David said, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” In 1 Chronicles 28:20, David told his son Solomon to not be afraid or discouraged. Through these verses and many others, the Holy Spirit continually reminded me to trust in God and not be fearful.

Just as Olivia was reminded.

Once again, my real life mirrored that of my character, at least as far as needing the same lessons in courage at the intersection of faith and grit.

My husband’s doing well; however, his road to recovery will no doubt be dotted with landmines waiting to blow my courage to bits if I’m not careful to trust Him in all things.

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