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A Purpose in Your Pain

The Lord often uses our pain to help others in their pain.

My daughter’s pastor helped my daughter going through cancer treatments when he said, “Find purpose in your pain. Let the purpose outweigh the pain. Look for the beauty in the purpose.”

Melanie’s testimony has encouraged hundreds as she has shared God’s faithfulness, grace, and peace through eleven years, three breast cancer diagnoses, and a terminal, stage IV metastatic determination. She found purpose in her pain.

Another purpose found in Melanie’s pain has been the inspiration I received from her to write about breast cancer, pain, and courage. She has been my expert information resource as I write those stories. Another blessing coming out of her agony.

In my newly released novel, Faces of Courage, Olivia suffers mental and physical pain as her husband mistreats her and then undergoes cancer treatments. At first, she doesn’t look for a purpose in her pain. She simply tries to endure.

Eventually, with the help of mentors in her life, she rekindles her faith and finds the courage to meet the challenges.

She soon finds the desire to help others going through similar pain, both mental and physical. But she’s also shy and unsure of herself. How does she reach that intersection of faith and grit to find purpose in her pain?

We’ve all had and disappointments and hurts in our lives. You may say, “I have had nothing as bad as cancer.” It may not be cancer, but whatever has distressed you can be given to the Lord so He can return it as a blessing as you help others.

Read how Olivia finds her courage at the intersection of faith and grit in Faces of Courage. Perhaps the purpose in her pain will extend to you, her reader friends.

The Lord’s mercies are new every morning. Will you look for a way to turn your heartache into a blessing in someone else’s life?

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