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I never expected writing to become such an extensive part of my life. I’ve said before that I assumed I’d write that first book and then be done with the whole author thing.

While I don’t usually enjoy being wrong, I’m glad that I was completely off base. One book was never enough. Not when reading. Not when writing. I can’t imagine not doing this thing that I absolutely love. Like anything else, there are bad days. There are days when I want to throw up my hands and quit.

Maybe I even do stop…

But then another story idea sprouts and I’m off and running again.

I know that every idea won’t turn into a full book, but they sure are fun to dream up and jot down. They’re like little nuggets of gold that I can take out and admire every now and then. Maybe I’ll throw a few together into a pile, melt them down, and make something bigger and better.

That’s one of the wonderful things about writing. Concepts, ideas, plots, characters, they’re all malleable. Except when the characters are already set in their ways and refuse to let you change them. And yes, that does happen. Some stories get written in spite of the characters trying to run the show from the other side of the computer screen.

Christian, from my upcoming novel Waiting on the Tides, is one such example. He walked onto the page in Footprints on Her Heart with the biggest chip on his shoulder. I thought I’d never get his story out. He fought me through Footprints, then again when I wrote him into From Shore to Shore. He wanted nothing to do with being part of the Islands series.

Talk about a stubborn streak.

You know what his weakness is? His daughter. Once she twirled onto the page, he turned into a completely different person and finally agreed to tell me his tale.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too when it releases this November.

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