June 2021 Featured Article

When God Shows Up

I had an epiphany yesterday while wandering through my rose garden. Three rose bushes counts as a garden, right? If they’re all together in one location and you can’t move between them without getting stuck by thorns?

What was I talking about? Oh, right. Epiphany.

I have this one rose bush that only blooms on Mother’s Day. It’s an old variety that has been in our family for going on fifty years. I took a cutting from my mom when I married nineteen years ago, and every year on Mother’s Day, it blooms. Every. Year.

Here in Tennessee, our weather can do some crazy things. Like snow in May.

The rose still bloomed. It’s gorgeous and fragrant and makes me wish I could turn my entire yard into a rose garden.

No matter what weather gets thrown at this rose, it shows up in brilliant glory on Mother’s Day.

Just like God.

No matter what we throw at Him, He’s still there.

Anger? He brushes it off.

Sadness? He holds our hand.

He loves with an unfailing love that is beautiful and poignant and richly planted.

Unlike my rose, He shows up more than once a year. Always within reach. He’s a prayer away.

This is important to me because I second guess myself…all the time.

Working on a new book proposal, I’ll be thrilled with the idea one minute and panicking the next. (Thank you, Imposter Syndrome.) But the point is that God is still there. He’s a constant I can count on no matter what. I like to think that my writing reflects this love God has for us. How he made us each unique and for a purpose. I know Kara struggles with this. Kara is the heroine in my next Independence Islands novel (Footprints on her Heart). From Kara’s point of view, she has little to offer the world. But from God’s point of view, she is exactly as He meant her to be. She has some fears to overcome, but God is there to hold her hand.

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