April 2022 Featured Article

Has fear ever stood in your way?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been afraid to do something. As an author, fear and doubt are all part of my journey.

I confront a bit of that fear in From Shore to Shore, only in a different route. Bree has been burned by love and she’s afraid to test the waters ever again. As a marine biologist, Bree is no stranger to diving into deep waters, but love is the one ocean she refuses to even stick a toe into.

Until Cooper comes along.

Cooper has made it his mission to be content in his singleness. Bree challenges him every moment they spend together, though it’s never intentional.

These two characters kept me on my toes as they danced around each other and their problems.

And Bree presented an extra challenge. Being a marine biologist, Bree scuba dives to study coral reefs. Quite an accomplishment and a career that makes my fear of deep water twist my insides into knots. We persevered together, and From Shore to Shore became a story of overcoming fear, a theme I didn’t know I wanted to confront until Bree walked onto the page.


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